A Zero Waste Event

The Central Coast Oyster Festival will be a zero waste event by utilizing the services of the Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program.

Typically concerts, fundraisers, benefits, and gatherings of humans produce waste that is destined for burial in a landfill. These events are guilty of creating mountains of wasted natural resources and valuable organic nutrients. Plastic, metal, cardboard, paper, liquid, and food waste are resources that an educated human will want to recycle and compost.

The Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program provides waste disposal stations located throughout sponsored events. Waste stations are positioned to make waste disposal easy and efficient for the event attendees. Each waste station is monitored and managed by the Guerrilla Gardening Club during the event. The waste station and its respective Guerrilla educate humans as they dispose of their waste. Through this interactive process event attendees realize that their “trash” can be sorted, recycled, composted, and saved.

The Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program provides all materials for waste collection, sorting, disposal, and transport. Each event needs a waste management budget and plan specifically designed for the event and the waste being produced. Through the use of disposable packaging and food ware products made of compostable (paper) and recyclable (plastic #1-5, metal, glass) materials, all events can achieve 100% Zero Waste.

The Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program provides an educational experience for event attendees and is the primary fundraising mission for the nonprofit Guerrilla Gardening Club. This program provides an essential service for event operations and can be a resource for promotions, sponsorship, and green business practices. Please review our nonprofit mission, history, and pictorial timeline through our online network at www.guerrillagardeningclub.com.