Ecugreen Jewelry & Textiles

E​​cugreen is a company with an emphasis in the production of handmade and environmentally friendly unique jewelry, textiles and other unique accessories from Ecuador. The products are made with care from hardworking artisans in the jungles of the Amazon to the mountains of the Andes. Much of our jewelry is made with vegatable ivory, called Tagua. This not only protects animal ivory but preserves the tropical rainforests.

TAGUA (“tah-gwa”), also called ‘ivory nut’ or ‘vegetable ivory’, is the dried seedpod of the TAGUA Palm Tree (Phytelephas macrocarpa) which grows in tropical rainforests of South America. TAGUA, vegetable ivory is found in Ecuador, Ecuador being the main exporter worldwide. Seedpods are peeled, sliced or carved then dyed in different colors. TAGUA jewelry is made from those dried and polished seedpods. Since no two seedpods are alike; no two pieces of jewelry or carvings are alike.

The indigenous people of South America believe that persons wearing TAGUA will live in harmony and always be loved by their family and friends. It is believed to possess a romantic energy.

Ecugreen was born out of the passion and love for my family and my desire to provide them with financial stability. What better way of earning a living by selling a product that is self-sustainable as well as provides employment for talented Ecuadorian artisans. Its durability in addition to its beauty is so dear to my heart.