Jason Ryczek – Executive Chef Having grown up in a little seaside town on the Central Coast of California, Jason is both familiar and fond of all the bounty that local seafood has to offer. As executive chef, Jason oversees the development and execution of Farallon’s seasonally rotating menu. Jason is a veteran to the hospitality and restaurant industries, having held various front and back-of-house positions since junior high. After years of watching the professionalism, humor, and humility of the chefs he worked for, Jason decided to devote his career to the kitchen. Food was the basis of a craft, understanding and interpreting it was the foundation of a restaurant’s menu, and service was the show. His culinary training began in Southern California in Jason Marcus’ San Diego restaurant Red Pearl Kitchen, soon moving to Los Angeles to continue developing his skills at various brasseries and steakhouses, such as One Sunset, Boa Steakhouse, and Artisan House. After arriving in San Francisco in 2013, Jason spent three years in the kitchen of Farallon’s sister restaurant Waterbar, working with fresh, sustainable seafood and developing a culinary style emphasizing the simplicity of natural flavors with bold accents. In January 2016, Jason became the executive chef of Farallon, working with chef and owner Mark Franz to balance the traditional cuisine that Farallon has emerged from, and the contemporary, ever-evolving innovations of the San Francisco food scene.