Prismatic Body Art

Painting the world one face at a time …

My name is Crystal. I am a native Californian from Lompoc the City of Arts and Flowers. I have been on my artistic journey since I was a child. I am influenced by both sides of my family, who are gifted with many talents and the artsy gene. I enjoyed Mixed Media Arts through highschool, and while attending The Art Academy in San Francisico, I worked in the cosmetics department at Macy’s. Those stepping stones have lead me to Face Painting and the Make-up Arts today. I am in love with my craft because of the human interaction, and mobile advantages that make it seem equally fun as it is work.

I am continuosly inspired by the world around me and the talent that is everywhere. I try to set myself apart by drawing in positive energy from my surroundings and radiating love, joy and lively spirit in return. When I paint my clients, their comfort is priority, in hopes to leave them smiling and confident. I love when people can let go of the everyday routine and image to have fun and be free.

As I grow I cherish the gifts and skills that have been given to me more each day. I strive to be better at my crafts, so that I honor this talent and take nothing for granted. I am so lucky to provide this fun service to the world and truly appreciate what it has done for my Family and I. There is great reward in all the positive feedback and continued support I receive, which makes it all worth while. I strive to work hard through life and each day, so that I may influence the world around me and be proud that I am doing positive things.

I hope WE can ALL live the life we dream of and continue to have fun while doing it. Please remember to lift each other’s spirits high with support and encouragement, and of course doing so with beautifully painted faces! Cheers!!!