Skullptress Jewelry

Skullptress jewelry includes sterling silver and 14k gold filled designs that feature crystals, porcupine quills, horse hair, feathers, leather, bones, Big Sur jade and semiprecious stones. Other materials used are brass and copper and silver plaited metal. All of the sterling silver I use is recycled. All earring wires are Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled. I endeavor to use cruelty free animal products whenever possible, using recycled leathers and old vintage stock feathers or feathers from friends pets. Skullptress creations are featured in California boutiques from Monterey to San Luis Obispo.

Skullptress jewelry is a gift from mother earth through the hands of one of her children and offered to the family of all women ☾✧

Skullptress draws inspiration from the sacred art and adornments of indigenous cultures, mythology and a deep respect for nature’s dynamic forces. Lovingly expressing the beauty of the goddess in humility and grace while receiving the gifts of creation this process reveals. Skullptress sources the finest raw materials which are consciously chosen and combined with intuitive awareness. The intention, to adorn women with energetically empowering jewelry, supporting her highest potential and most sacred self, inspiring healing, self love, and personal empowerment. Skullptress is a collection of superlative hand produced jewelry by Natilie Michaels.

Please take a look at my website, Etsy shop, and Instagram to see examples of my work.