SLO Mama Sweets

Perhaps it was scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins at the age of 15, our love of entertaining as a family, or the nostalgia that permeates this charming town I’ve been privileged to live in for the past 29 years that led to a lightning-like strike of inspiration on a trip back east a few years ago. Raising three children, and the joys and challenges that come with it, is also a part of how we, as a family began our journey becoming SLO Mama Sweets. That, and the thought of three college tuitions was a strong motivator for our family.

After spending many years baking wedding cakes and desserts, I was ready to reveal a different side of my creativity. As a mom and wife, it was my desire to pursue a career on the Central Coast in which I could teach a strong work ethic to my children, instill the concept of “giving” and at the same time, incorporate some fun! Post inspiration, it took several years of dreaming, planning and building until our “baby” was born, a fully restored 1954 vintage ice cream truck.

The magical experience of hearing the ice cream truck coming and the thoughts of the delightful contents which it holds are enchanting memories for many of us. Whether your event is elegant, casual, corporate or rustic chic, it would be our pleasure to provide you and your guests a sweet taste of the past, serving you delicious ice creams in our authentic uniforms as you listen to the glorious sounds of 1940’s big bands and early 1950’s music. With the lovely jingling of our brass bells, we hope you will be transported to a dreamy time gone by as you enjoy our tasty frozen treats.